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My world... IS A CROTCH! [entries|friends|calendar]
Sazz Benigni

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[11 Feb 2013|12:25am]
Just your standard "This journal is friends only" notice.
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The joy of housemates! [23 Oct 2012|08:01pm]
So me and Paula (housemate) did the online shop the other day, I dug things up on the website, she rooted around in the kitchen saying what we did/didn't need.

Next day I come in and get told that I half assed the shopping and it was like I didn't even care. Pointed out that I did NOT half ass anything, I just have no idea what we do/don;t need hene Paula being in the kitchen saying yes or no. (Naturally Paula has not been told about what a cock up it is, it's my fault).

Cue amazing use of logic.

Can't remember the conversation but apparently the fact that I don't go out clubbing, don't watch soaps/reality tv, don't like stir fry and like to sit in my room here aaaand get annoyed at noisy people in the street means I dislike my housemates. Yup.

The next part was basically faux concern about how I should room with other anime people or something (apparently since I like anime and don't like clubbing I can only actually get along with anime people). Basically grief, etc etc. Also they can't act how they want to when i'm here (meaning they have to try and be quiet at 3:30am when they come in from clubbing, yuuup)

So in process of looking for a room elsewhere - good look covering my rent!
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